Apr 04

Places of refuge

View from Masada

The Church is a often seen as a place where people are right, or think they are. Wouldn’t it be better if it was a place where people went when they needed love?

I am just back from Spring Harvest 2013 which was great, if a little cold. One of the highlights of the week was listening to Gerard Kelly’s wonderful teaching on John’s first letter. The central point that both Gerard and John were making, over and over again was that love is overwhelmingly the most important aspect of Christian life. Continue reading

May 06

Do the right thing

Referee - Howard WebbYou need to consider the big picture. You have to break eggs to make an omelette. You must consider the greater good. The end justifies the means.

This consequentialist morality is in evidence all over the place: in books and movies, in business and politics and even in sport. I don’t like it. It makes me cross!

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Apr 29

Spring Harvest Grumbles No. 1: Copyright or wrong?

Home Taping

I had a great time at Spring Harvest again this year, it is a wonderful event and I would recommend it without reservation. (We went to Minehead instead of Skeggy due to the scheduling, but enjoyed it so much we will probably do the same next year.)


Of course there’s a “However”, I am cross, after all!
However, there is one aspect of the event that makes me rather uncomfortable and it has done each year we have been. Is the increasing promotion of new material and merchandise detracting from Spring Harvest?

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Apr 27

Compensate everyone?

KFC TwisterSome of the things that make me cross involve our society and its perspective on things.

I was one of the many people who read today the news that KFC have been ordered to pay over £5M to a young lady for the brain damage she suffered as a consequence of salmonella poisoning allegedly picked up from a chicken wrap she ate at a KFC restaurant in Australia.

Now, two things stand out to me. Firstly is the size of the award. It seems very large. I have not been able to find much detail regarding the case, but this amount of money would lead me to suspect some level of extreme negligence, not just an accidental, isolated hygiene breach.

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