No remission of truth

I think there is something particularly tough about talking to old friends about Jesus. It is difficult to talk about… [more]

No remission of truth No remission of truth

Places of refuge

The Church is a often seen as a place where people are right, or think they are. Wouldn't it be better if it was a place where people went when they needed love?

Places of refuge Places of refuge

Problems with getting out of the boat: part 2

The other main issue I have with John Ortberg’s If You Want to Walk on Water, You’ve Got to Get Out of the Boat, concerns… [more]

Problems with getting out of the boat: part 2 Problems with getting out of the boat: part 2

What am I worth?

So we are created in the image of God? So what?

What am I worth? What am I worth?

Spring Harvest Grumbles No. 2: When Worship isn’t

I failed to get to church this Sunday as the Mrs was stewarding at the Moon Walk in London  So, no James this week but I… [more]

Spring Harvest Grumbles No. 2: When Worship isn’t Spring Harvest Grumbles No. 2: When Worship isn't

Jesus never met a prostitute

I have a couple of pieces on the go at the moment and I am happy with neither of them: hence the long gap since my last post.… [more]

Jesus never met a prostitute Jesus never met a prostitute

Compensate everyone?

Some of the things that make me cross involve our society and its perspective on things. I was one of the many people… [more]

Compensate everyone? Compensate everyone?

Problems with getting out of the boat: part 1

  So, one of the (many, many) things that made me cross last year was a less than dutiful approach to guidance in… [more]

Problems with getting out of the boat: part 1 Problems with getting out of the boat: part 1

Reason grown courageous

We tackled one of the many difficult bits of James last Sunday, the bit about faith and deeds. What good is it, my brothers… [more]

Reason grown courageous Reason grown courageous

Apr 10

Why the Cross Christian?

The Cross ChristianI am a cross Christian.

A cross Christian? It jars a bit doesn’t it? Surely, Christians should be happy all the time? Well, I am not. In fact, as I get older I realise I am getting crosser. Or at least, as I get older more things make me cross.

When I first started thinking about writing, I wanted to put the world right, to express myself honestly and to make God proud. I also wanted to see if I had any talent, to see if this was something I could actually do.

However, I realise that a lot of what I want to say is angry and that I am in danger of just adding more rant to an already angry web space. The amount of bile and hatred and the lack of consideration and love on the social web makes me… er… cross.

I think I can legitimately be cross while trying to put the world right and I can certainly express myself honestly through rant! The main challenge is to tackle the last one – making God proud. This is where I need to think and pray. This is where the hope Jesus gives me needs to be brought to bear on my cynicism and I need to turn anger and crossness into joy. Frankly, that sounds rather hard, but I shall give it a go.

On the upside, I also realise that it might be constructive to tackle this anger in the open – after all there might even be one or two others like me, Christians who get cross. I strongly suspect so. I hear things you know, and I read things too.

Finally, I am also a Cross Christian. Did you see what I did there? I believe that Jesus died for me on a cross and that because he did; I am forgiven and get to live forever. That is very cool.