About a Cross Christian

I am a forty-something Englishman who loves the Lord. (Please note, that I am not shy about my age, just lazy enough not to want to keep this up to date.)

I live in a small Cambridgeshire village with my wife and children and I attend a Church-of-England church, filled with people far more lovely than me, in a nearby town.

To earn money, and because I like it, I do Information Technology things for a big company.

I consider myself a little unusual in that I love both Rugby Union and Football and I am passionate about Liverpool FC and Harlequins.

I enjoy gaming, curry, history, beer, surrealism, cheese, computers, whisky and films: even romantic comedies.

I am not a very good Christian but I am trying to be better.

God Bless


BTW, this is why The Cross Christian…


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